Drill Less Mount

Only company to have the drill less mount, which makes it easy for you to mount

Eco Friendly

Our panel heaters are eco friendly, economical and beneficial for customers.

Makes No Sound

Our heaters do not have fans and therefore do not make any sound.

Safest Panel Heater

Our built safety features make Amaze “Safest Panel Heaters in World”

High-Efficiency Systems

Amaze Advantage

Energy Efficiency

Our company offers the most efficient and the greenest options for home heating.

Wide Selection

We offer a wide range of high quality panel heaters and world class accessories

Quiet Operations

Our team uses only the best and particularly low-noise drive components

Easy Install

Amaze heaters are easy install with easy mount stand

Amaze Heaters

Here is how it works

We are the most technically sound, advanced and premier heating technology company providing coziness to every cold corner like never before.

At Amaze Heaters, we specialize in manufacturing and distributing cutting-edge, neat and smart wall mounted electric panel heaters of different specifications like wattages, sizes and applications. We are most known in the residential consumption sector as most of our buyers are from home based category.

Our Products

Customer Reviews

This product is the best return for what i paid. I got two of these, they have been really efficient. These heaters work better and are of better quality when compared to other brands i purchased earlier. Very safe, easy to install, great quality!

NeilNew York

I recently purchased this heater and this has really been efficient and effective in fulfilling the needs in these severe weather conditions. It is easy to mount and very safe to plug around and use.

Stephen V
Stephen VIllinois

I live in kansas city and it is very cold her (-25c) i have bought this product and it has done a wonderful job . The electricity bill is not out of control and the product is very efficient. For the said price range and the performance it is a must have

Brendon K Powell
Brendon K PowellKansas


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EZY MOUNT? And why is it an innovative accessory?
EZY MOUNT? And why is it an innovative accessory?

Many customers who purchased the energy efficient wall mounted panel heaters have requested for a method where hey do not need to drill holes into...

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History of Amaze and certifications
History of Amaze and certifications

Amaze heaters are manufactured in India since 2008 were in lot of research and experiments were conducted to arrive at a product, which is at par...

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Prime focus of Amaze for its customers
Prime focus of Amaze for its customers

Amaze focuses more on safety for its customers thus making the only triple insulated panel heater. The wall mounted electric heaters are shatter...

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